Yellowcab and Customer Friendly Policies

Recently I went with a friend to Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Glorietta 5. I was kind of hesitant at first because it wasn’t exactly a payday and I know Yellow Cab to be a good, if expensive, pizza place. Once we were there though, I didn’t have to worry. Money is not an issue when the company policy itself gives you all the value you need through customer service.


The moment we went up to the counter to order, the friendly staff immediately offered us readily cooked pizza. They said it was part of their new Craft Pizza flavors. For a few good seconds, I just stared at them. What, were these for free? Seriously? You’re letting me have pizza for free right now?

The nice lady at the counter said “yes”.

This kinda blew my mind because I’ve never ever seen any pizza joint who would willingly give out pizza for free just for the sake of promotion. Especially not pizza with famous brand names like Yellow Cab. Yet, here they were, two freshly cooked pizzas in front of us, and the service crew inviting my friend and I  to take slices so we could try the flavors out.

We got to try the Four Cheese and Tomatoes pizza and the Jalapeno and Pepperoni pizza for free.

The Four cheese and tomatoes was simply awesome, and the flavors really blend well in your mouth. It was a smoother, more mellow feeling. The pepperoni and jalapeno one was okay…I guess it felt rougher and coarser, in both texture and flavor. I bet it would have been better if eaten with something like a dip or sauce or maybe even a creamy beverage just to even out the strong taste of the jalapeno.

We were already experiencing the great pizza Yellow Cab has to offer…and we haven’t even ordered yet. Even if this was just a marketing activity or policy that aims to promote the new pizza flavors, I still have to commend Yellow Cab for actually offering pizza slices for free. Most pizza joints would never do that, and the closest Ive ever seen is a buy one slice take one slice promo. Yellow Cab took it above and beyond, valuing customer choice over profiteering. It’s a refreshingly welcome strategy, Yellow Cab, and I hope we can see this promotion in the future as well.

Of course, we didn’t just go there to eat free pizza. My friend and I were planning to just order a single regular pizza we could both share when he remembered that Yellow Cab had a Pizza Fridays promo that lets you get another pizza for free. There wasn’t any signage in the Glorietta 5 store so I didn’t know, but the nice lady at the counter confirmed that it was a real thing and that, yes, we can have two pizzas for the price of one, exactly on a day (Friday) when most people are likely to go and eat out after work. I only wish there were more in-store notices for it though (it’s apparently posted on their FB).

At this point, I can openly declare that Yellow Cab is one of the most generous pizza places ever.

Value for money doesn’t simply mean the worth of what yoúre paying for. More than anything, it means what value you can get aside from what you are offered. In this case, Yellow Cab offers true value for money by having policies and promotions that always give the customer more than what they expect.

I hope Yellow Cab continues this trend of having customer-first promotions. At least I know there’s one more reason to go out on a Friday.

Cold Stone’s cold comforts



Last August 29, after a particularly warm and humid day doing overtime at work, I had this huge craving for something to cool myself off. I was walking to my usual haunt in Alabang, the Alabang Town Center (ATC) on the way home when I found the perfect  candidate to satisfy my cravings.

This was how I came to appreciate Cold Stone Creamery.

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Why topping off a building is special: PHINMA Properties and SATO III


PHINMA Properties executives posing for the ceremonial ground-breaking



A condo building’s top off is always a special occasion. Apart from it being a great reason to throw a party with free food, it marks a very important milestone for that building, its developers, and most importantly, its buyers. More than just having a roof on the building, a top-off means that the condo you paid a million or so pesos for is more than halfway done.


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Let’s talk more about sex!


One of the more understated taboos in this country, official or otherwise, can be seen in its stance on sexual education. With catholic dogma all but outlawing mentions of one’s unmentionables, most families are afraid to even approach the subject. Some parents opt to use the more locally familiar “bird and flower” euphemisms to address matters between our legs. Though aside from being a ridiculous analogy, it only serves to muddle children’s understanding of non-Freudian mentions of birds and flowers. Clearly, we all need to talk more about sex.

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The English Taboo


Early on at school, I realized that I had absolutely zero talent in mathematics. Science was alright for a while until chemistry and physics came in (more math) so I didn’t do very well at those either. I won’t even mention art, because it still gives me nightmares. The one thing I knew I could possibly be good at though, was English class. By the time I was graduating highschool, speaking in English was as natural to me as breathing; it helps that I was also an editor in our school paper. Imagine my shock then when I got to the real world, especially after college, where people apparently treat English speakers like the plague.

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Not Just a Montage




It’s absolutely baffling how movies and TV shows choose to skirt around the protagonist’s most trying times by delegating them to poorly coordinated montages. What about the protagonist’s college days? What about the time he spent looking for his first job? Nope, shoot a scene of him reading a book in a classroom and put it on a montage. What a baffling decision considering college and the transition to employment offers more dramatic conflicts than the total number of movies we produce per annum.

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The Stakeholders in Romance

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“It takes two to tango, but three’s a crowd,” so the famous love quotes go. But do they ever spare a thought for the other people in the party who are bothered by your sensual twerking , or the patient driver (your dad) who is resigned to wait for you until you’re ready to go home?

A romance is ultimately more than just the story of two people falling in love. It is also the story of the parents who may or may not have given their blessing (if they were even aware of the relationship in the first place), the friends who have diverted hours of their lives from doing something important just to listen to your stories of heartbreak or courtship, the classmates or co-workers that have to put up with your post-friendzone depression, and possibly even the neighbours who lost sleep over your ear-shattering love song marathon. All of these people are affected by your actions in your pursuit of that legendary first (or first for this week) kiss, and it is only obligatory that you at least consider if you’re being fair to them.


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